About Me

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I am a Computer Science PhD student at the University of Maryland, College Park advised by Professor Amitabh Varshney. My current research interests are in delivering immersive content with 360 videos and neural representations. Previously, I have also worked on projects involving VR data visualization (MeteoVis) and interactive 3D graphics (Geollery).


Progressive Multi-Scale Light Field Networks

Light field networks with levels of detail to optimize rendering and reduce flickering.

Published in 3DV 2022.

OmniSyn 360 View Synthesis

Interpolating between synthetic 360 images using 360 depth prediction and inpainting.

Published in IEEE VRW 2022.

Visualizing Accessibility With Choropleth Maps

Visualizing average distance queries using Leaflet choropleth maps and roadsindb.

Published in ACM LocalRec 2021 (SIGSPATIAL Workshop).

Foveated 360 Video Streaming

Foveated 360 Video Streaming using a Log-Rectilinear Transformation

Published in IEEE TVCG (VR 2021).

MeteoVis VR Weather Visualization

3D visualizations of water vapor, clouds, and wind data such as ALPW and GOES.

Published in ACM CHI EA 2020.


A mixed reality social media platform where you can interact with friends in realtime or leave messages for them to find later.

Published in ACM CHI 2019 and ACM Web3D 2019.